Information for New Patients

  1. Where are you?  How do I get there?
  2. Is there parking nearby?
  3. When are the clinics open?
  4. Are animals allowed?
  5. Do I need OHIP coverage?  What if I am covered by another health plan?
  6. Are there services that are not covered by OHIP?
  7. I just had a baby and need to bring my newborn baby in to see the doctor - what do I do?
  8. I have been referred to Magenta Health by the Healthcare Connect service, what do I do next?
  9. What languages are spoken?

Information for Existing Patients

Appointment Scheduling

Medical Questions & Requests


  1. How can I have my prescription renewed without coming in to see my doctor?
  2. Where can I have my prescription filled?

Blood and Imaging Tests

  1. Where do I go to get my blood/imaging test done?
  2. How do I obtain a copy of my imaging reports / scans / films / disk / etc ...

Contact Information and OHIP

  1. I changed my email address, phone number, or mailing address - how do I notify the clinic?
  2. My OHIP is expired, or is about to expire - what should I do?
  3. I renewed my OHIP card - how do I notify the clinic?

Additional Clinic Policies and Information

Useful Links and Patient Education Resources

Our physicians have compiled a list of websites they commonly recommend to their patients.  We will be adding to this list as time goes on, so please keep checking back.