In many ways, despite the incredible advances of the last 100 years, medicine is still delivered in much the same way as during the early 20th century: physicians see patients, examine and ask questions, diagnose, and advise a course of treatment.

What's changed is everything else. Since the mid-1940s when Saskatchewan first introduced nearly universal health care coverage, the administrative overhead of medicine in Canada has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, a typical physician manages a large team of other medical professionals, liaises with dozens of external service providers, and constantly works to ensure compliance with a myriad of government and regulatory requirements. Ultimately, something has to give; all too often it's patient care.

Who are we

Magenta Health Inc. is a medical clinic management company working to create a chain of family medicine clinics under the Magenta Health banner. We focus on creating spaces staffed by amazing staff using the latest technology (including some that we've created ourselves). We handle all of the day-to-day details, so that our physicians don't have to.  

Instead, our physicians focus on working with their patients to help improve and maintain health outcomes. Preventative health care is incredibly important to us, as is the role of technology in helping improve patient communication and the delivery of health care more generally.

Put another way, Magenta Health is a platform to help our physicians focus on why they became family doctors in the first place: patients.

Where are we

Our first location opened in 2014, in the neighborhood of Riverside, just on the edge of downtown Toronto. Our second location in Midtown Toronto opened in the Spring of 2018. Future locations are planned in The Beach, and surrounding neighborhoods of Toronto.