We've mapped out where patients can park in the areas of each of our clinics. We will try to keep this information up-to-date, but obviously, we recommend that when you park, to double-check the signage. If you notice any inaccuracies, we'd appreciate you letting us know.

Note that you are able to zoom in and out of the maps as needed.

625 Queen Street East

  • Green lines correspond to streets with free parking and no special time limits.

  • Yellow lines correspond to streets with free parking, but a 1 hr maximum.

  • Red lines (and red circles) correspond to paid parking at approximately $1.50/hr.

Please take care to not park across the street at Guff - those stalls are for their customers and you may get towed!

418 Eglinton Avenue West

1874 Queen Street east

  • The “P’s” relate to Green P parking lots.

  • Though not marked, most of the residential streets around the clinic allow free street parking.

  • There is also paid street parking available directly in front of the clinic for most of the day outside of rush hours. Please read the street signs carefully.