Useful Websites and Links

Below are a collection of websites and links that our physicians thought you might find helpful.  We will be adding to this list as time goes on, so please keep checking back.  

  • Canada's Food Guide — nutrition resources from Health Canada

  • Canadian Diabetes Association — programs, services, publications and resources from The Canadian Diabetes Association

  • Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care - information about preventative health screening guidelines in Canada

  • Canadian Hearing Society - arrange a hearing test for adults and children

  • Choosing Wisely Canada — a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments, and procedures 

  • Eat Right Ontario — nutrition and healthy eating information

  • Darebee - independent fitness resource run and maintained by a small group of volunteers and fitness professionals; workout plans, challenges, fitness information, nutrition, and meal plans are all free to access and download; supported by user donations

  • Fertility - Website written by Canadian fertility doctors addressing numerous questions around getting pregnant and fertility

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation — programs, services, publications and resources including healthy eating, healthy weight and physical activity

  • HPV Info — information on HPV from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

  • Living with Arthritis — programs, services, publications and resources from The Arthritis Society

  • The Mediterranean Diet - heart healthy diet

  • Menopause and U — information on menopause from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

  • The North American Menopause Society — information sheets written by menopause experts that provide clear, easy-to-understand explanations of important menopause-related topics.

  • Ontario Physiotherapy Association — information from The Ontario Physiotherapy Association, including a link to locate a physiotherapist near you

  • Osteoporosis Canada - recommendations for calcium and vitamin D intake as well as a dietary calcium calculator 

  • Pelvic Health Solutions — information on pelvic health and the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy

  • Regular Exercise Advice - regular exercise helps reduce heart disease

  • Sex & U — information on sexual health from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

  • Smokers' Helpline — tools to help with quitting smoking from the Canadian Cancer Society

  • Toronto Public Health — information on breastfeeding, pregnancy, child development, parenting, immunization, etc.; includes free online information and programs

  • Vaccinations — information on Ontario's Routine Immunization Schedule

mental health

  • Anxiety BC ― a comprehensive online resource for patient with anxiety; highlights include the Resource Documents section and the Mind Shift mobile app

  • Beacon 2.0 Depression Services ― list of internet-based resources for depression that are based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) principles

  • Big White Wall - online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programmes, creative outlets and an online community moderated by trained staff, supported by OTN (Ontario Telemedicine Network)

  • BounceBack - free 1on1 telephone coaching program for adults and youth 15+ , learn skills to help manage worry and anxiety, combat unhelpful thinking, and become more active and assertive, free to people living in Ontario and who have a valid health card number

  • Canadian Mental Health Association ― resources on mental health including information 

  • CBT-i Coach - Improve sleep / insomnia through cognitive behaviour therapy

  • ConnexOntario ― free and confidential health services information for people experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs, mental illness, or gambling  

  • Drug and Alcohol Helpline ― provides information about drug and alcohol addiction services in Ontario

  • Gerstein Crisis Centre ― 24-hour community based mental health crisis service

  • Greenspace - a made in Toronto tool to potentially help patients find a better therapist match

  • Headspace App - Meditation and mindfulness app

  • HeadsUpGuys - Free online resource that offers men information, practical tips, and guidance for managing and recovering from depression

  • Mental Health Helpline ― provides information about mental health services in Ontario

  • Ontario Psychological Association Referral Service ― searchable database of registered psychologists for a variety of counselling needs

  • Psychotherapy Referral Service ― helps match patients with a psychotherapist based on his/her individual needs

  • Self-Help Resource Centre ― includes a directory of self-help groups in Toronto

  • Sleep Hygiene ― helpful tips on improving sleep habits