Registering your newborn baby as a patient

If you do not have a midwife

Before you and your newborn baby are discharged from the hospital, you should receive instructions on when you need to bring your newborn in for his/her first check-up with the doctor.  This is usually within 48-72 hours of hospital discharge.  

If you wish to register your newborn baby with your Magenta Health family doctor, please complete the form below. Once received, we'll contact you by email and phone to let you know of a date & time for your newborn's first appointment. You'll need to register your newborn for OHIP first though.

If you have a midwife

If you have a midwife, your newborn typically does not need to see a physician until they are 8 weeks old. Nevertheless, it is useful to register your newborn baby with your Magenta Health family doctor as early as possible using the form below.

If there are no specific medical concerns that suggest an earlier appointment is warranted, we'll register your newborn and email you back inviting you to schedule a well baby visit for after the 8 week mark.

If you think an appointment prior to your newborn's 8 week birthday is needed, when completing the form, please indicate as such in the field "preferred appointment time".  Once received, we'll contact you by email and phone to let you know of a date & time for your newborn's appointment.

Please note that our clinic's policy is that all infants and young children must have at least one parent or guardian enrolled as a Magenta Health patient first. One exception is Dr. Nathalie Gans, who practices out of our 418 Eglinton Ave. W. location. To learn how to register your under 5 year old child with Dr. Gans specifically, click here. (ONLY available Dec. 1, 2018 onwards when Dr. Gans returns from leave.)

Lastly, the above information only applies to newborn babies who have just been discharged from the hospital. If you have an older infant or child that you wish to register as a patient, please go through the standard patient registration process.

I am currently a Magenta Health patient *
e.g. 0123456789, 3821694372. It is usually provided to you when your newborn is discharged from the hospital.
Your newborn's date of birth? *
Your newborn's date of birth?
Please defer completing this form until your newborn has been born.
Date of Discharge from Hospital *
Date of Discharge from Hospital
48 - 72 hours for newborns without midwives; 8 weeks for most newborns with midwives
Newborn Contact Information
e.g. A1A 1A1
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Parent Information
If applicable, please share the details of your newborn's other parent. They will be contacted as well, and have the same permission and access to your newborn's file and information.
Phone Number of Other Parent
Phone Number of Other Parent
I agree to Magenta Health Inc. contacting me/us by email *

* Although the purpose of this process is for your newborn to become a patient of one of the family physicians at Magenta Health, please note that completing the above form alone does not make your newborn a patient yet.