Online Appointment Scheduling

New Patients

The family physicians at Magenta Health are currently accepting new patients. 

To register as a patient, please complete this form. Please note that you must register with us before being seen as we are not a walk-in clinic.

Registered Patients - Booking your First Appointment

To schedule your initial intake appointment, please use the link that was included in the invitation emailed to you. If you need to be resent this email, please don't hesitate to contact us.

REGISTERED PATIENTS - Booking Subsequent appointments

Enter your ten (10) digit health number (a.k.a. OHIP number), without spaces or dashes, to access your physician's online booking page.

Note - Consider bookmarking your physician's online booking page to skip this step in the future; we understand entering your OHIP number twice is annoying!


Please use the Appointment Request Form for Under-Vaccinated Patients