Contact information for existing patients


If this is an emergency, please visit your nearest emergency room or contact your local Emergency Services at 9-1-1. 


Please note that we are not able to reliably satisfy urgent requests received by email, fax, or phone, particularly for medical issues or questions.

Instead, it may require up to several business days for us to respond. Should you need something addressed or answered more urgently, please book an urgent appointment with us or visit a walk-in clinic or urgent care center.

Administrative Questions

We try to supply answers to most administrative questions on our website. This helps us shift resources towards patient care, to respond to medical questions faster, and to develop better ways of operating.

Patient resources are available here and common questions have been copied below. We would appreciate you taking a moment to review these resources prior to contacting us.

How to contact us directly

online portal

We are currently piloting an online portal for patients of the following doctors, as part of our long-term plan to migrate to a online portal for all patients. Multiple emails have been sent to all patients invited to participate.

  • Dr. Marco Lo

  • Dr. Nathalie Gans

  • Dr. Sabrina Chung

  • Dr. Nicholas Chong

  • Dr. Cristina Musngi

If (and only if) you are a patient of one of these physicians, please send your medically-related questions via the eVisit patient portal (for administrative inquiries, please continue to e-mail us a

Learn more here, including how to register for the portal.


For patients of any other physician not listed as participating in the online portal pilot, our preference is that patients contact us via one (but not both) of the following email addresses

  1. For medically-related concerns and questions, please email instead of your physician directly. This helps minimize the risk that correspondence is missed and ensures questions are routed to the correct individual in a timely manner.

  2. For all administrative inquiries, please email us at

Kindly note it may require up to several business days for us to respond. As there is always a small risk of human error on our part, please don't hesitate to follow-up with us if you do not hear back within a week’s time.

Even if you have not completed our Authorization for Email Communication, if you email us without any indication that we should not respond by email, we will infer that we have your consent to at least reply to your email correspondence in the same manner (i.e. by email as well).


You are also, of course, always welcome to stop by in person. Our staff would be happy to assist as required.


Patients are asked to kindly refrain from faxing us directly. If you require your physician’s fax number please click here.


We strongly prefer electronic written communication, as we can respond in a more accurate, comprehensive, and timely manner. However, it is also an option to leave a voicemail with us at 647.479.8410, option 1.

It will be reviewed and responded to. Please note that if your inquiry can be handled online with our existing resources and systems, we will oftentimes ask you to do so.