Prescription Renewals Without Seeing Your Doctor

Patients have the option of requesting a renewal of an existing/current prescription issued by their current Magenta Health physician without coming into the clinic. Please note that if you require a new medication, a change in dose of an existing medication, or if you have any concerns about your current medication, you should book an appointment to see your doctor instead.

How do I Request a Prescription Renewal?

If you wish to request a prescription renewal, please contact your pharmacy and ask them to fax a renewal request directly to your doctor (click here for your doctor's fax information).  This will ensure that the name and dosage of the medication are correct, and to avoid errors that arise when prescription renewal requests are communicated by other means.

How Long Will it Take?

Please allow several business days for the request to be processed and returned to the pharmacy as your doctor receives a high volume of correspondence daily.  Kindly take this processing time into account, and be sure to request prescription renewals at least one week before your medication runs out.

Should you need a prescription renewed more urgently, please book an urgent appointment with us instead.

Will there be a cost for this?

Renewal prescriptions without seeing your physician is not a service that is covered by OHIP. Consequently, there may be a charge for this service depending on your specific circumstances.

a cost? Isn't renewing a prescription really easy?

While in-person visits to see your physician are covered by OHIP, renewing a prescription without seeing your physician is not covered by OHIP. This is the case for all physicians in Ontario and so physicians, both at our clinic and elsewhere, typically invoice patients directly for this service.

While it may seem a trivial task, physicians are not able to refill medications without first checking that it is medically advisable to do so. This includes:

  • a careful review to ensure the medication should be renewed;
  • deciding if the medication is safe to continue; and
  • deciding if any follow up is required prior to renewal.

Renewing medication remotely also introduces increased administrative costs, as compared to in-person appointments. A cost reimburses and compensates your physician for the time / cost completing these tasks.

Why Did My Doctor Ask Me to Book an Appointment?

There are certain circumstances when your doctor will want to assess/examine you in person before renewing your medication, in order to determine whether this current medication and dosage are still in your best interests.  If this is the case, you will be notified either by Magenta Health or your pharmacist that you need to book an appointment to see your doctor before your prescription can be renewed.