Magenta health Physicians

The family physicians at Magenta Health are highly trained and educated professionals who have dedicated their professional lives to caring for the health and well-being of members of their community. In general, each Magenta Health physician has had at least 10 years of post-secondary education wherein they were exposed to and trained in a wide variety of subjects, and provided care and treatment to patients of all ages, genders, and walks of life.

Accordingly, all Magenta Health physicians are fully qualified to provide primary care to men, women (including expectant mothers), seniors, children, and infants. Where appropriate, referrals are made to outside physicians who have specialized in certain medical issues or procedures.

our organizational principles

As an organization, we believe in and promote equality and respect for all. Our physicians, staff, and patients come from a diverse range of backgrounds spanning cultural and ethnic origin, social-economic status, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity.

Consequently, as a general rule, we do not assign patients to physicians taking into account factors such as physician age, ethnicity, or gender. Instead, we take into account subtle differences in physician expertise and interest, practical considerations such as language barriers, as well as our physicians' shared desire to provide care to a diverse patient population. This approach, in our view, is reflective of our organizational principles, as well as important in ensuring our physicians remain excellent family doctors.

special requests

With this said, we do understand and appreciate that for religious, cultural, or other personal reasons, some patients may prefer a particular type of family physician. This is most frequently the case where patients may strongly prefer a physician of a particular gender.

Accordingly, subject to the exception discussed below, prior to scheduling your initial intake appointment we try to accommodate reassignment requests and so we ask that you email us at with your request , or should you have any questions.

Please note that it is not an option to switch physicians after your initial intake appointment nor to see a different Magenta Health physician for only some concerns. We discuss in detail the reasons here and here.