The Toronto Health Tech Ecosystem

One of the advantages of living and working in downtown Toronto is the vibrancy of its technology start-up ecosystem.  Everywhere we turn, it feels like we bump into a different start-up working to improve some aspect of our day-to-day lives, particular in health-care.

We were fortunate to have an opportunity to attend "Dragons' Den at WIHV" tonight, and it was a great experience. We listened to 8 engaged companies share their ideas about how to improve primary care, and walked away with a tentative agreement to work with Consult Conduit to further test out their growing network of specialists available for family doctors like us to consult with quickly and easily.

We're even working ourselves on a new project in the context of the Hacking Health Design Challenge.  It's still in the development stage, but we look forward to going live in the next month or so!

All in all, it's an exciting time to be in health care, particular as a tech-focused clinic.  Finally - change is afoot!