Auditing OSCAR EMR for Unsigned Notes

It’s been some time since the last time we shared some OSCAR tips / tricks. Here’s a new one for how to audit OSCAR EMR (v15) for unsigned notes.


Unsigned notes aren’t necessarily visible to other users and so are a common source of user error, seemingly “lost” notes, potential medical error, confusion, repeat tests, etc…


There’s probably a better way using Report By Templates, but we just use the Query by Example feature usually.

There’s two queries to run:

SELECT LEFT(casemgmt_note.note,100) AS "First 100 chars of note", casemgmt_note.demographic_no,demographic.last_name,demographic.first_name, CONCAT(provider.last_name,",",provider.first_name) AS "Provider",SUM(SIGNED) AS cnt FROM casemgmt_note LEFT JOIN demographic ON casemgmt_note.demographic_no = demographic.demographic_no LEFT JOIN provider ON casemgmt_note.provider_no = provider.provider_no GROUP BY casemgmt_note.uuid HAVING cnt = 0 ORDER BY casemgmt_note.provider_no;

SELECT LEFT(casemgmt_tmpsave.note,100) AS "First 100 chars of note", casemgmt_tmpsave.demographic_no,demographic.last_name,demographic.first_name, CONCAT(provider.last_name,",",provider.first_name) AS "Provider" FROM casemgmt_tmpsave LEFT JOIN demographic ON casemgmt_tmpsave.demographic_no = demographic.demographic_no LEFT JOIN provider ON casemgmt_tmpsave.provider_no = provider.provider_no ORDER BY casemgmt_tmpsave.provider_no;

Our understanding is that the first query reveals notes that have been explicitly saved, but not signed, and the second query reveals notes that have been auto-saved, but not explicitly saved or signed.