A Belated Update - Photos & New Patient Appts

Although some walls still need to be painted and we can't wash our hands in the washroom quite yet, we're just days away from the completion of construction. It's somewhat hard to believe (since the photos below suggest - at least to us - that there's quite a lot of work left to do) but that's what we're told!

We'll share more once we're officially open for business, but in the meantime, we've started to schedule new patient intake appointments.

Only a few dozen invitations have been sent out so that we have a opportunity to confirm our electronic systems are working properly. Once we're confident everything is working well, we'll be sending everyone else who registered with us a personalized email with information on how to schedule their intake appointment.

In the meantime, at least for us, it's interesting to look back and see where we started from. Here was the first mock-up of the space that we drew ourselves after we visited the unit back in the middle of 2013!