Learning something new: Off-Lease Computers Make Amazing Thin Clients

For those who don't know, thin clients are computers used primarily to connect to some other computer where the actual "computing" takes place on the remote computer.

We need thin clients because we're using a remote desktop session host based IT infrastructure. Sounds complicated, but it'll help our physicians see patients more effectively and efficiently (well, that's the promise anyways).

So what did we learn today? It's amazing the value you get from off-lease computers. These are computers leased by large corporations for a few years, and then returned as "obsolete" even though, in practice, they are still fully usable.  They aren't the fastest or prettiest machines on the block anymore, but as thin clients, they are more that adequate (frankly, some of these off-lease computers are comparable to many people's home desktop, and blow most "special-purpose" thin client machines out of the water).  They even come with fully licensed versions of Windows, which, at $150, is oftentimes more expensive than these off-lease desktops!

Here are thin clients 3, 4, 5, and 6 (of 30) being tested on our highly sophisticated test bench (a.k.a. a dining table).