I have turned 18 and would like to update my contact info

If you have turned 18 since joining the clinic, we will need to confirm or update your contact information.

To update this information, please visit us in clinic and one of our administrative staff can update your contact information and give you a new contact authorization form to sign. Please bring your health card or other photo ID with you so that we may verify your identity. We prefer you to come in person as we take your patient privacy seriously and want to ensure your patient confidentiality remains safe.

If the information we have on file for you already has been updated and/or it is still accurate, we will still need you to sign a new contact authorization form, to make sure the permission is granted under your own name.

What if I can't Visit the clinic?

If you are currently away, or if it is otherwise inconvenient for you to visit the clinic, it is still possible for you to change your contact information using the photo verification method.

  1. Take a photo (see a sample photo) where your face, government issued photo id, and your contact information are all clearly visible and legible.
  2. Take a second photo (see a sample photo) of just your photo id and contact information.
  3. Send us the two photos along with the following template email.
  4. Download, fill, sign and attach this contact authorization form.

I have turned 18 since originally registering with Magenta Health and have been asked to supply my new email address and signed contact authorization form.
This is my new email address: [insert email address]
I have signed and attached my new contact authorization form to this email.


I am not yet 18 but would like to change my contact info

If you are not yet 18, you still can update the contact information that we have on file for you.

A patient’s age is not the deciding factor when giving consent to medical treatment; more important is their physical, mental, and emotional development. Even when accompanied by parent(s) or guardian(s), a physician must obtain consent from the minor, in cases where the minor is capable with respect to treatment. Mature minors are those deemed to have the capacity to consent to medical treatment, and also capable of controlling their personal health information.

As such, any teenage or adolescent patient can discuss with their physician if they would like to modify the contact information on file to be their own. We ask you to book an appointment with your physician if you would like to discuss this. Ultimately, the judgement to be deemed a mature minor will have to come from your physician.