Date of Last Periodic Health Exam

OHIP only permits periodic health exams (PHE) for individuals older than 2 years of age to be scheduled once every 12+ months. This is because otherwise healthy individuals don’t always need annual physicals, and these check-ups can occasionally do more harm than good. Please read this Choosing Wisely Canada document for more information.

    Periodic health exams are also known as annual physicals, annual check-up, etc...

    If you've had a PHE with your Magenta Health physician, but you're not sure when, submit your OHIP number below to be sent an email with this information. You can also view your past appointments.

    Email me the date of my last PHE:    

    If the submitted OHIP number corresponds to an active patient who has consented to email communication, an automated message has been sent to the email address on file.

    If no message is received, please double check your OHIP number or feel free to contact us directly to follow-up - there may have been a technical glitch.