Specialty Appointments with Dr. Aarti Kapoor

Dr. Aarti Kapoor is a Magenta Health physician who has a special interest in sexual health.

In general, both currently and previously sexually active women aged 21-69 are recommended to have cervical cancer screening (pap smears/tests) every 3 years unless otherwise directed by their physician. More information about cervical cancer screening can be found on the Cancer Care Ontario website. 

To help Magenta Health female patients stay up-to-date on their recommended screening, Dr. Kapoor offers pap clinics on Friday afternoons.

Her pap clinics are dedicated specifically to complete pap tests and are not meant for discussion of any other medical matters. Medical matters outside of the cervical cancer screening (pap) test should be discussed with your own physician.

If you'd like to ask an administrative or medical question, please use the Patient Contact page. Proceed using the following link if you have been referred here by your own Magenta Health physician.