I already submitted a registration request, why am i getting reminded to do something more?


Our eVisit Patient Portal is part of a larger pilot project involving us and the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).

Part of being a pilot project means we’re learning how best to use the system in a way that meets all legal and regulatory requirements, as part of our overall commitment to protecting patient privacy.

Speaking to the details, one issue is that when it comes to patient registration, in theory, any individual can register on behalf of someone else so long they know the name, date of birth, phone, address, email, and health card number of that other individual.

This makes a lot of sense as a way of facilitating an effective registration process for families and caregivers. An effective registration process is critical - a tool that people can’t use can’t help us deliver better patient care.

However, this approach also introduces privacy risks since there’s always a risk that the individual on the other side of the system isn’t authorized to communicate with us on behalf of the individual being registered.

For our part, we’ve sought to do a variety of things to address this risk, such as:

  • we have developed custom tools to compare the submitted information with the information that we have on file;

  • we are sending confirmation emails to the contact information that we have on file after every registration;

  • completing a registration without authorization is fraudulent and opens up that individual to civil and criminal penalties;

  • requesting an “out-of-band” confirmation from each registering individual, analogous to how many online sites now require two-factor authentication.

Needing this “out of band” confirmation is why we’re asking patients to explicitly ask us to process their registration, instead of doing so in the ordinary course.

Our conclusion is that by adopting all of the above, and more, we are striking the right balance between protecting patient privacy, and enabling effective use of patient care technologies.

Here’s the REMINDER email…

Subject: Please Confirm Your eVisit Patient Portal Registration Request - %%PT_NAME%%

Hello %%PT_NAME%%,

There's a registration request with your name on it currently sitting in our eVisit patient portal queue. It's pending processing, as of [date/time].

If you submitted this request, could you please explicitly ask us to process your registration by ...

We added this step of asking patients to explicitly request that their registration requests be processed because we're scaling up our participation significantly, and this change helps ensure continued compliance with privacy requirements. If you have not submitted a registration request to your knowledge, despite receiving this email, please let us know so that we can investigate further.

Thank you in advance for participating in this pilot project; lots more information is available at the following links as well:


Magenta Health

p.s. In order to keep the queue a manageable size, we're currently planning to send a note to all individuals still in the queue, every few days, so you might get this email multiple times - sorry in advance!

p.p.s. Apologies if you already asked us to process the registration; we try to catch up on all requests before sending this reminder but things are happening in parallel during the day. Please just ask us again to be safe!