Who are we?

Magenta Health is our vision of how family physicians should be able to practice:

  • physician happiness, well-being, and work-life balance is valued
  • technology is used to improve care, efficiency, and the provider and patient experience
  • administrative matters are handled expertly and professionally
  • physician autonomy is protected
  • collaboration and collegiality is promoted
  • professional growth and engagement is encouraged

We opened our first clinic in Toronto late 2014, our second in 2017, and our third and latest clinic opened mid-2018. Current opportunities to practice with us are listed here.

Questions or Interested in Visiting?

Contact Dr. Marco Lo with any questions or if you'd like to schedule a visit.

Our Pillars

There are four specific pillars that help set us apart: our values and priorities, our people, our technology, and our space.

Our Values and Priorities

Magenta Health was founded on the belief that primary care is now too complex to sustainably and competently operate as a small operation. Some of the problems we see include physician burnout, administrative and medical errors, glacial rates of changes, poor physician and patient experience, and rising costs.

We value and prioritize:

  • physicians, patients, and their experience
  • the delivery of excellent long-term comprehensive care
  • sustainable publicly funded primary care and family practice

We do not focus on private pay, cosmetic, or executive medical services; nor primary care as a loss-leader for other services. OHIP funded primary care is our bread and butter.

Our People

Magenta Health was founded by Drs. Marco Lo and Priscilla Che, both practicing family physicians, and Keith Chung, a lawyer and IT entrepreneur. The three of them bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to deliver their shared vision. We also focus on hiring exceptional office staff who don't conform to stereotypes. A particular emphasis is placed on finding friendly and highly intelligent and capable individuals with excellent communication skills.

Our Technology

The effective use of technology is key to Magenta Health. We license, develop internally, or commission technology to dramatically:

  • improve patient care
  • reduce overhead costs
  • improve the provider experience
  • improve the physician experience

Our Space

We see medical clinics as places where family physicians spend a large proportion of their waking hours. We believe in investing the resources to craft spaces that are modern, clean and comfortable, that meet both practical and intangible needs, and that promote physician well-being. Have a look around our first clinic here.

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Questions or Interested in Visiting?

Contact Dr. Marco Lo with any questions or if you'd like to schedule a visit.