What services would I receive as a family physician?

Broadly speaking, Magenta Health is responsible for supplying you with the following:

  • the physical space and supplies that you need to see patients
  • administrative processes, systems, & staff
  • a technology platform

This specifically includes at least the following services that we often get asked about:

  • billing & reconciliation
  • paperless processes & remote access
  • online appointment scheduling

Is there a nurse?

We have a full-time nurse at both our Riverside and Midtown locations. As our clinics continue to grow, we'll add to our team as needed.

What EMR is being used?

We use OSCAR. It's admittedly not the prettiest EMR, but it has the major advantage of being open-source, meaning we have the ability to add to and make changes to it on our own schedule, instead of needing to wait for a vendor to do so.

Online appointment scheduling is a great example of this - we've integrated OSCAR with an online scheduler to give patients the ability to make, cancel, and reschedule appointments online 24/7. We were even featured on CTV for our online scheduling technology!

How are Magenta Health clinics & exam rooms equipped?

Our Riverside location has 11 nearly identical and fully-equipped examination rooms as well as a nurse/admin room. We also have a large and bright staff lounge with 16' ceilings, 2 open work spaces with shared computers, and 2 private work areas for making calls or if quiet is required. Have a look around our first clinic here.

Our Midtown location has 18 nearly identical and fully-equipped examination rooms including a procedure room, a nurse/admin room and a pharmacy on site. We also have a large and bright staff lounge and 2 open work spaces with shared computers. Have a look at the clinic here.

We use mostly non-disposable equipment that is autoclaved onsite. Our vaccine fridge is controlled and monitored using advanced systems and we have liquid nitrogen onsite.

Future clinics will be similarly equipped.

Questions or Interested in Visiting?

Contact Dr. Marco Lo with any questions or if you'd like to schedule a visit.