Professional Growth and Engagement

To us, one of the amazing aspects of family medicine is how it offers opportunities to pursue goals beyond day-to-day clinical practice. Here's some of what we do - the involvement and participation of Magenta Health physicians in all aspects and stages is highly encouraged:

Innovation in Technology

We believe technology should play a critical role in improving primary care. Our practice is fertile ground for the origination, development, testing, and deployment of health care focused technologies. Some examples:

Virtual Care

Both patients and physicians are increasingly asking for virtual means to receive and deliver care. Gone are the days where every single interaction must occur in person, in office. It’s not surprising that virtual care is a central pillar of the current health care transformation strategy.

We have been delivering virtual care at Magenta Health since our inception and we have become a national leader in this field. By last count, we have over 25,000 yearly physician initiated virtual encounters. We are a leading pilot site for OTN’s eVisit Primary Care pilot. We’re also currently sitting on an OTN / MoH led steering committee for virtual visits that’s drafting new technical standards and making recommendations for the expansion of virtual care delivery across Ontario.

Health System Design and Transformation

Ontario is in the midst of a massive health care policy and organizational shift. Health care organizations across the province are looking to form Ontario Health Teams (OHT) with a mature state goal of becoming a local Integrated Care Delivery System.

Magenta Health is deeply involved with this transformation. We’re heavily involved with the recent formation of the East Toronto Family Practice Network (EasT-FPN), which is now one of the largest family practice organizations in Ontario and has garnered significant attention. Through the EasT-FPN, family doctors are now voting anchor partners in the East Toronto Health Partnership (ETHP), one of the leading OHT applications in Ontario.

For the first time in a long time, family doctors have a significant voice in system change.


If you’re interested in teaching the next generation of family doctors, there are opportunities to teach medical students and residents through the Department of Family and Community Medicine of the University of Toronto.