Collaboration & Collegiality

Helping ensure you and your physician colleagues can collaborate collegially are related goals.


Virtual Chat Rooms

A variety of public and private virtual chat rooms are used to facilitate easy collaboration. Looking for a second opinion about how to handle a particular medical issue? Interested in whether anyone has trained with a particular specialist?

Shared Workspaces

We promote the use of shared public workspaces so that people can work in physical proximity. At the same time, private offices & exam rooms are available should you prefer to sometimes work in private.


Our experience is that conflict arises in a clinic environment when actions and decisions of physicians negatively impact one another. For example, a common source of conflict is one physician who has rostered more patients than they are able to manage or care for, thereby creating a disproportionate impact on colleagues.

We address these types of conflicts by seeking to insulate physicians from one another as much as possible, including by adopting certain policies:

  • Physicians earn daily vacation credits when they provide vacation coverage to a colleague; these credits are used up when colleagues provide you with coverage. In other words, those who go on vacation more cover their colleagues more.
  • Physicians are scheduled for after hours clinic shifts in proportion to the use of same by their own patients. In other words, physicians whose patients use the after hours clinics more do more after hours shifts.
  • Access bonus amounts are fully reconciled between physicians. In other words, your positive access bonus will not be reduced due to a negative access bonus of another physician.

Also, notably, other than during vacations and after hours clinics, patients cannot schedule with physicians other than their own or direct questions to other physicians. In other words, physicians are responsible for only their own patients on a day-to-day basis and are insulated from your colleagues' management of their own patients.

Questions or Interested in Visiting?

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