Physician Autonomy

Magenta Health is a platform for family physicians to practice with autonomy. We are not your employer or your supervisor, but rather, we work to give you the tools, resources, and environment to focus on practicing medicine the way you consider most effective and appropriate.

This also means that your patients are your patients, not patients of the clinic as a whole. We consider this an important distinction that guides the operation of Magenta Health.


Physicians at Magenta Health set their own schedule using the system depicted in the image above. This includes determining your own appointment times, appointment lengths, breaks and lunches and catch-up periods, and days off and vacation.

Medical Decisions

While collegiality and collaboration is encouraged, you are not subject to oversight. As a family physician with autonomy, your medical decisions are final for the purposes of the clinic. Our clinic policy of prohibiting switching between physicians is one way that we support this.

Patient Billing

For non-OHIP covered services, it's up to you if and how much to charge. Particularly for individuals who may have a reduced capacity to pay, it's fully within your discretion whether to waive or reduce all or part of the standard charge.

Pharmaceutical Representatives

We have a policy of no visits by pharmaceutical representatives, or drug samples (with some exceptions). This policy is driven by the evidence that such visits and samples, however well intentioned, has a negative impact on physician decision making and autonomy.

Caveats & Limits

There are some caveats to be aware of:

Questions or Interested in Visiting?

Contact Dr. Marco Lo with any questions or if you'd like to schedule a visit.