Special one-time use booking page of Dr. Nathalie Gans

Please only use this webpage to book appointments with Dr. Nathalie Gans if you have been invited to do so. This booking page is NOT for booking intake appointments with Dr. Gans. 

If you require emergency care, please visit your nearest emergency room or call 9-1-1. Do not book an appointment using this form.

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For more details on appointment types, please visit here.

An online scheduling FAQ is available here. Please review this troubleshooting guide if you're having problems booking your appointment. Please email our booking system vendor directly at customercare@veribook.com should you have any technical issues scheduling online using the options below.

This schedule is up-to-date and complete.  That is, all currently available appointments can be booked via this page and our receptionists do not have the ability to book appointments not available here. If a convenient time is not currently available, please check back later - someone may have cancelled in the interim and additional appointment timeslots will be made available over time.

For all regular and urgent appointments, please arrive a few minutes in advance to sign-in. For periodic health exams, please arrive 5 minutes in advance to sign-in and for additional preparation. Unfortunately, to help our doctors stay on schedule, if you arrive late for your appointment, there is a possibility that you will not be seen, or that you will be asked to wait until the next break in the schedule.

Lastly, our physicians work very hard to keep to their schedule and do not double book appointments. Nevertheless, there may be times when they are running behind, for example, if a previous appointment runs long due to an unexpectedly complex issue. Kindly keep this in mind when scheduling appointments and give yourself some buffer time.