Book a New Patient Intake Appointment with Dr. Anna Piekos

August 6, 2015 Update

As Dr. Anna Piekos is now on maternity leave, all patients originally assigned to Dr. Piekos but who have not scheduled their initial intake appointment have been reassigned to other Magenta Health physicians.  

* * *

If you have not had your initial intake appointment yet, you should have received a first email on August 6, 2015 advising you of this change, and a second email immediately thereafter inviting you to schedule an intake appointment with a different physician. If you need us to send these emails again, please don't hesitate to let us know

If you would prefer to enroll with Dr. Piekos as your physician in the long-term, you are able to be seen by her temporary replacement, Dr. Kaitlin Dupuis, in the interim. If so, please email us to ask to be reassigned back to Dr. Piekos and to be sent a link to schedule an intake appointment with Dr. Dupuis.

* * *

If you have already had your initial intake appointment, you should have been sent an email after your first appointment with a direct link to book appointments with your Magenta Health physician. If you don't have that email handy, you can also use the third option here - - to access your physician's online booking page. You'll need to enter your OHIP number so that we can identify which physician's page to direct you to.

* * *

Thank you for your understanding; as always, please don't hesitate to let us know if there are any questions.