Flu Vaccines

It’s time for your annual flu vaccine! This year there are a few ways to get a flu vaccine.

Getting the flu vaccine at Magenta Health:

Flu Clinic Appointments open to all patients

All of our patients who are 6 months of age or older are welcome to book an appointment for a flu vaccine at one of our flu clinics. To book a flu clinic appointment click here.

Appointments for 12 and under, 65+ and High risk patients

In addition to our flu clinics, we have reserved appointments for those who are 12 and under, 65 or older* or those at high risk of complications from the flu (such as pregnant patients, or those with chronic health conditions putting them more at risk). To book an appointment for a flu vaccine with our nurse click here.

Getting the flu vaccine elsewhere:

For anyone between the ages of 5-64 years old, as an alternative to scheduling an appointment with our clinic, please consider getting a flu vaccine in one of the following ways:

  • use the Ontario Flu Shot Locator to obtain a flu shot elsewhere

  • visit a Toronto Public Health flu clinic (open to all ages!) OR

  • visit any of the many pharmacies now offering flu shots without an appointment.

Please consider these alternatives as they’ll likely be more convenient for you, and it’ll help us better serve patients who cannot use the options above, such as our many patients under 5. Also, do remember to bring your OHIP card if you go elsewhere.

*An important note for our patients who are 65 years or older:

This year the preferred vaccine for your age group is a “high dose” flu vaccine. This is a different vaccine than the standard flu vaccine which offers better protection against some strains of the flu. The high dose flu vaccine is only available through clinics like ours or at a Toronto Public Health clinic . Pharmacies do NOT carry this vaccine. When possible, we recommend that those who are 65+ get the high dose flu vaccine so that they are best protected from the flu.