eVisit patient portal pilot

We are excited to announce our participation in the eVisit Patient portal pilot! This is a collaboration between us and the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).


key information

For medical concerns and questions, we’re transitioning from e-mail to a patient portal for certain physicians.

Patients of Dr. Cristina Musngi, Dr. Nicholas Chong, Dr. Sabrina Chung, Dr. Nathalie Gans, and Dr. Marco Lo should register for the portal as soon as possible.

Patients of other Magenta Health physicians should continue to use email at the moment.

How to register (2 steps)

STEP 1 of 2: Go to the portal and register yourself. It’s important to know that when the portal asks “Did you receive a Novari Health registration email with a verification code”, choose No.

More help with registration can be found here, or watch this short video.

STEP 2 of 2: Once you’ve signed up, for privacy and security reasons, we can’t process it immediately. Instead, we need confirmation from you via different means:

  • if you have currently consented to email communication, please email us from the address we have on file for you, confirming that you’ve submitted your registration and asking us to process it.

  • if you have not currently consented to email communication, please stop by in person (with photo ID) to let us know you submitted a registration request and would like us to process it. Kindly note that our staff might not be familiar with this request though; this is a brand new system so we appreciate your patience and understanding!

We and the portal will both notify you once you’ve been processed. Once processed, you’ll be able to login to the portal and submit medical questions or inquiries. Please remember to do this step 2 to avoid being nagged!

What changes for me going forward

Please send medical communication (or request a virtual visit) via the web portal (or app), instead of via e-mail.

Administrative questions should still be sent by e-mail to contact@magentahealth.ca

Continue to book in-person appointments via your own physician’s booking page.

Where can I learn more about this project?

See this page with a lot more information!

I have a problem with the portal. Who do I ask for help?

The vendor has a FAQ that may address the problem. We also have our own FAQ below. If the answer isn’t there, you can:

Our understanding is that they aim to respond to all concerns within 24 hours. Their support staff are available to help troubleshoot technical issues Monday through Friday, 9AM - 5PM.

How does it work for families

It’s a bit convoluted. Our apologies. We’re pushing the vendor to change things. A cost of helping push innovation, unfortunately.

Parents / guardians who are patients should first register themselves. Then…

  • If you subsequently want to initiate an “eVisit” for your child / dependent who shares a physician with you, just use your own account for the time being, and we’ll register your child “on the fly”, as the need arises. You’ll, going forward, be able to opt between initiating a visit for yourself or your child/dependent.

  • If your child / dependent does not share your physician, it’s tricky. You have to register them separately, using a completely separate email address. This is one aspect we are pushing the vendor to adjust.

Lastly, if your child/dependent is a patient, but you are not, you can register your child directly, using your own email address.

I’m not a patient, but I’m caring for someone who is

This is how Novari currently advises this situation be handled:

“In this case, I would suggest having the caregiver supply an email address that they can access to be used on the [patient]'s account.  So, for example, you would still use all of the [patient]'s appropriate information for the account (name, [health number], address, etc) with the only difference being that the email address used is that of the caregiver's

You would just need to ensure that the caregiver knows that the email address they provide could not be used in the future to set up their own account as it would be linked to the dependent's account permanently (so maybe they could create a second email specifically for their dependent).”

I need to change my email address on file with the portal

This is how Novari currently advises this situation be handled:

“The best option would be for the patient to contact us with their old email address as well as the new email address that they would like to use.  They can either send an email (which would be the best option so that the spelling is correct) or give us a call.  

Email: evisitsupport@novarihealth.com

Phone: 1-888-793-9777 x 503”