Is that a robot in the Riverside waiting room??

Patients who attend the Riverside clinic might have noticed a new addition to the waiting room lately.

Is it a robot? Is it a pharmacy? What is it?

It’s both! A robot pharmacy or in proper terminology: a pharmacy kiosk.

Just like our Midtown and Beach clinic locations, the Riverside clinic now also has a pharmacy partner for the convenience of our patients.

Some differences from traditional pharmacies is that the kiosk does NOT dispense narcotics, refrigerated or compound medications. Other than that, you can find prescription medications, over-the-counter items such as Aspirin or Tylenol, and some standard everyday items such as lip balm.

See below for more information from SpotRx about their pharmacy kiosk. You can request a demo or speak to a pharmacist by tapping the “Need Assistance” option on the kiosk.