Fall is here and so is the flu season!

Orange pumpkins, red maple trees and a crisp feel to the air. Yes, fall is here! And so are the flu vaccines!

Magenta Health physicians recommend the flu vaccination to all their patients, 6 months and older, as the best way to prevent the flu or reduce the risks of complications. Toronto Public Health website has some great information about the flu vaccine.

Tips for staying healthy during flu season:

  1. Get your flu shot and get it early.

  2. Wash your hands.

  3. Cover your cough/sneeze.

  4. Don’t touch your face.

  5. Clean and disinfect shared items and surfaces regularly.

Patients between 5 and 64 years:

  • if you are close to our Beach clinic, drop by co-located pharmacy partner, Queen East Medical Pharmacy, to get your vaccine;

  • if you are close to our Midtown clinic, contact co-located pharmacy partner, Northern Rx Medical Pharmacy, to find out when they are running their flu clinics;

  • use the list of Public Health Units to find the nearest location to you if outside of Toronto;

  • visit a Toronto Public Health flu vaccine clinic;

  • visit one of the many pharmacies now offering flu shots without an appointment.

  • if you are a patient of a Magenta Health physician, you can also visit one of the 3 Magenta Health flu vaccine clinics. These clinics are by appointment only and all patients 6 months and older of Magenta Health physicians can book an appointment by clicking here .

65 years and older patients at Magenta Health:

Patients in this age group are among those who are more at risk for serious complications from the flu. The preferred vaccine for this age group is the “high dose” flu vaccine as it offers better protection against some strains of the flu than the standard flu vaccine.

This “high dose” vaccine is only available through clinics like Magenta Health or at a Toronto Public Health clinic. Pharmacies do not carry this vaccine.

To receive this vaccine, please book an appointment with a nurse here.

If you are unable to visit Magenta Health or a public health clinic, you can still receive the standard flu vaccination at any participating pharmacy.

12 years and under and high-risk patients at Magenta Health:

As this category of patients are also at higher risk for serious flu complications, Magenta Health offers flu vaccination appointments with our clinic nurses, though anyone over 5 years can also visit a participating pharmacy to receive the vaccine.

Children under 5 years can only receive the flu vaccine through clinics like Magenta Health or at a Toronto Public Health clinic. Pharmacies are not able to provide flu vaccinations for anyone under the age of 5.

Note that the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine is NOT available this year anywhere in Ontario.