We're hiring for two full-time nurses

*EDIT* - Thank you to all applicants, we've finished hiring for this position.

Magenta Health is an award winning family medicine clinic in Toronto. Our team is dedicated to delivering great patient care in a warm and welcoming environment. With more patients joining our busy practice and a new location opening, we’re looking for sharp and nimble RPNs to support our physician team.
Responsibilities will include administering injections (immunizations, medications, TB testing, allergy shots etc.), gathering vitals (adults and infants), dressing changes, communicating results to patients, answering medical questions, and assisting with minor procedures. You will also be called upon to help with cleaning and tidying of exam rooms, restocking and administrative tasks such as calling patients and communicating with other clinics.  
We firmly believe technology and online tools (such as online appointment scheduling and patient messaging) can enhance patient care and streamline the operation of our clinic. As such, proficiency with computers and technology is a must, and excellent writing skills will be highly valued. 
You will be interacting a lot with patients and families, so a good bedside manner is critical. Experience in primary care or in fast paced multi-case environments like an Emergency Department will be highly valued, although not required.  
There will be opportunities to learn new skills, especially as a variety of specialist physicians now work at our clinics.  
In the long term, one position will be primarily based at our new clinic at 418 Eglinton Avenue West and another at our current clinic at 625 Queen Street East.  Initial training for the first month or so will be at 625 Queen Street East. As we work as a team, covering shifts at other clinic locations may occasionally be required. You may also be called on to cover the occasional weekend and evening. 
The pay will start at $18/hr with benefits.  There is a small stipend for continuing medical education.  We are currently seeking to hire for primarily business hours.  Well, it’s still medicine, so our clinic opens at 7:00 AM. There is free coffee.  It’s good!  See the application form for more specific shift times.  
To apply, please complete this [removed].  If you have any questions, please contact us at hr+questions@magentahealth.ca.  Please note that we’ll start contacting applicants for interviews only after July 5th with a view to you joining us full-time at the end of July / beginning of August.  
We look forward to hearing from you soon!