It's Time for Your Annual Flu Shot

We've sent all of our registered patients the following in an email, but just in case you're better at checking your Facebook or Twitter, please see below!  

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We’re writing as it’s that time of year when the leaves have turned orange and red and fallen, the weather is brisk, and it’s time for your annual flu shot.

To learn more, Toronto Public Health does a great job of explaining the flu, the flu shot, and they even provide a number of fact sheets that summarize the relevant information in various languages:

This year, Magenta Health is running a series of dedicated flu clinics outside regular clinic hours to help our patients get vaccinated. To schedule your appointment, please use the following link:

As with Toronto Public Health, we only offer flu shots by injection; that is, we are not offering the FluMist(r) vaccine.

If these options are not convenient for you, you may use the Ontario Flu Locator to obtain a flu shot elsewhere:

In particular, most pharmacies (e.g. Rexall) now offer flu shots without an appointment. Do remember to bring your OHIP card though – we’ve had a few calls from patients asking for their OHIP number.

An early happy holidays to all; remember to bundle up and stay healthy this holiday season!

Warm wishes,
Magenta Health